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• In what area and/or roles has the person excelled? • How does the nominee stand out from the pack? How has their achievement/service been greater than what might be normally expected of a person their age and in their field? Focus on both the quality and quantity of their achievement/service. • How much of the nominee’s work has been voluntary or focused on helping others? • Has the nominee overcome particular challenges or adversities to make their achievement? How difficult has their achievement been? • How has the nominee shown achievement/service outside of their particular specialty? For example, personal interests and involvement in the wider community. • Has the nominee's achievement/service been acknowledged elsewhere? - other awards, commendations etc. • How does the nominee make you proud to be Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander? Is your view shared by others, in your community? • What personal qualities make the nominee inspirational? • Why should other Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people look to the nominee as a role model? • Are there any particular segments of the community who would/should find the nominee inspirational? For example, children, other arts practitioners, families, other scientists etc. • Has the nominee shown great bravery, vision or particular strengths of character? We encourage you to submit supporting documentation with your nomination. This may include newspaper clippings, photos, testimonials etc. (Copies of original documents are accepted). Please email these to