What We Do:

 The Gladys Elphick Awards Ceremony Committee is a volunteer group who have been successfully organising and hosting the Gladys Elphick Awards Ceremony since 2003. 

The Gladys Elphick Awards Ceremony celebrates the life achievements of the late Aunty Gladys Elphick and members of the Council of Aboriginal Women of South Australia.  The ceremony awards acknowledge the contemporary achievements of Aboriginal women who work tirelessly to advance the status of Aboriginal people through a wide range of mediums.

Our Vision: 

“Supporting Aboriginal Women through the recognition of excellence and, advancing Aboriginal people for a better tomorrow.”

Our Mission: 

“Lead the preservation of the Gladys Elphick legacy to support and advance the status of Aboriginal people."

 Our Values:

  •  Value leadership and innovation
  • Support and admire the achievements of Aboriginal women
  • Continue the work of our elders by creating sustainable ventures for Aboriginal women
  • Contribute selflessly through personal excellence and lead ideas that contribute to the advancement of Aboriginal women
  • Promote zero tolerance of lateral abuse by providing a culturally supportive environment in which Aboriginal women can participate in community and civic activities
  • Take responsibility for decision making and value the contribution of others without bias or favour
  • Conduct ourselves in an ethically and culturally respectful manner.